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Able Farms comes from humble origins, with a motto of “We are Strong, We are Passionate, We are Able”. I started the farm roughly in 2009 with co-founders Dan Cadmus and Jenny Herget. Since 2011, it has been solely owned and driven by myself, Megan Denton. I am a farmer, chef, sommelier, artist, yada yada…I grew up in a restaurant family and have been in kitchens since 14 years old, standing on a milk crates chopping vegetables at the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group in Atlanta. So on and so on… From there, the agriculture world was a seamless and natural next step.

My farm follows the ethos of “Small is beautiful”, aka, Economics as if People Mattered, by E.F. Shumacher. Keeping my operation small and manageable for one person has been key to healthy animals, soil, vegetables, and myself.

Able Farms has been a foundation for many of my passions to come together under one umbrella. Since 2011, Able Farms has resided on Sauvie Island, thanks in part to the Joslin Family and so many others - You know who you are, I love and appreciate you.

Able Farms has had a successful CSA program, been apart of a local farmers markets, and held numerous fundraisers and workshops. I co-created the CSA Share Fair, hold a B.S. in Environmental Science, am a U.S. Pork Quality Assurance trainer, Small Farms School poultry instructor, Oregon Master Preserver, livestock and grass nerd, butcher, food and wine lover, and a advocate for small farms and producers who do right by their land, animals, and communities.


Since 2018, I have land partnered with Sauvie Island Growers where we share similar ethos and respect for the land. The farm currently focuses on raising non conventional and heritage pastured based livestock & curating intimate gatherings that are rooted in agriculture, viticulture, and culinary systems-begging questions of social & food justice through honest farm ambiance, intriguing palette offerings, and flavorful conversations.

2019 Farm Gatherings/ Able Experimental Pop-Up

Since receiving my sommelier certification, I was driven to delve deeper into wine/beer/spirits and to bring that connection to my farm. I wanted to focus on combining all my passions into one, so I reached out to some of my favorite producers to collaborate with me to offer some unique and intimate farm gatherings and a weekly Tuesday late night pop up where we share our crafts. My farm gatherings will begin with a little sip, a farm tour, a chance to interact with my animals, see the vegetables, and then sit for a wonderful dinner and libations. Most evenings will finish with a small fire and a aperitif!

Able Experimental Pop-Up is a pop-up dedicated to food service workers and the ilk. A nice place to go after work, or on your night off. It will feature great food & drinks. On Saturdays, 7 pm til late, @ Courier Coffee. Starting 10/12. The goal is to share our crafts and nurture wonderful shared experiences. All small wares will be crafted by my in farm ceramicist, Mychelle Moritz of Tellus Fabulas Ceramics. Mychelle has lovingly crafted each piece to accompany every gathering. Hope you are able to join us for our farm gatherings and Pop-Up!


Well who knows really?… But my intent is to keep farming and be open to host/cook/raise animals for my community. More travel is on the books to Slovenia, I am working for Craft Wine Co., and I am finding myself searching for ways in which I can continue to inspire and grow.


2015 CSA Share Fair. Photo by the fabulous Shawn Linehan.

2015 CSA Share Fair. Photo by the fabulous Shawn Linehan.