" The smoked trout plate will always come with creme fraiche". by Megan Denton

Milk Glass Market is considered a great local spot and having a past collaborative relationship with one of their main kitchen ladies, I thought it would be a wonderful place for my wife and I to have a sweet little weekday brunch. Off the cuff, I have to say that I respect them for supporting local farms for the majority of their produce, making most things in house, and being a female owned business. But a few things need to be addressed. This is not a great spot if you have any dietary restrictions. The menu is small and a lot of gluten items appear on every dish. My wife whom is lactose intolerant (for real) ordered the Smoked Trout plate, and I ordered the Fresh greens with eggs. We asked if my wife could have the trout dish without the creme fraiche or with it at least on the side. This simple request made our server instantly nervous, and she said she would ask. After an hour our dishes arrived, and there was a large dollop of creme fraiche on her plate. Our server emphasized that the kitchen said, “ The smoked trout plate will always come with creme fraiche.” With our napkins we removed and wiped the creme fraiche off her plate, so she wouldn’t become ill. Now this issue is pure stubbornness, a waste of an in house made product, and an unnecessary gesture of inflexibility. Our request was simply to leave something off, we had not asked for a substitution or radical change to the dish. Needless to say, we will not return to the Milk Glass Market, and creme fraiche will always come with a lower tip!